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Laura Parrish


Laura Parrish studied Mathematics for one year at Clayton State University. While she was there she concluded a research. studying on her own, about Bipartite Complete Graphs (Graph Theory). She won the first prize for the best research and she found the solutions to unsolved problems in the field of Graph Theory. The results have not been published and have been kept in this website. Laura has all her results in sealed envelops kept in safe places. If these results have been published in anybody else name those are not legit. In this case please contact immediately

Laura and her attorney can prove in any given moment her exclusive rights on such results.

Laura graduated in Mathematics at Georgia State University in 2014 and earned a Master in Economics from Kennesaw State University in 2017. Being passionate of Mathematics, she is continuing her studies in the field of Graph Theory and Combinatorics on her own finding new interesting results everyday. Mathematics New Results - Graph Theory in Atlanta Bipartite Complete Graphs in Atlanta

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Feel free to download Laura's research on Bipartite Complete Graphs and the original solutions she found using a Matrix.

Laura is searching Math experts to collaborate in the study.

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Laura Presented her research at Clayton State University in Morrow, Georgia, at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia  and at the Felician University in New Jersey.

Downloads the research Mathematics New Results - Graph Theory in Atlanta

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