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Take a course in Italian - any level - with a loved one or a friend! And pay only for one student!

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS from FLC in Atlanta!!!

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This promotion is valid until Christmas 2019 only ( you need to take the FREE Demo Introductory class before Christmas).

If you are interested in this promotion, please, schedule a FREE Demo Class to evaluate this offer. You don't have any obligation. If you decide to take the course, you can start it immediately (we have extremely flexible schedules), or after the Holidays.

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Getting fluent in a foreign language!  

The course is $215 (material included) for two students. it is 10 hours long and it is organized in 5 classes of 2 hours each.

Before to decide take the Free Demo class with a second person of your choice in order to know more about it!   

Happy Holidays to all of you wonderful students! From Foreign Language Classes! 

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