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Costs and Class Structure



The courses are intensive and each of the corse comprehends 10 hours divided in 5 lessons of 2 hours each. The schedule is very flexible and decided based on your availability. Classes can be postponed and rescheduled like in a private course.  The Demo Lesson is FREE and you have NO obligation to take the course! If you take the course the Demo is not included in the 10 hours. 

You can take the 101 course or the Fluency, or both.

We offer two courses: the Italian 101 for beginners and the Italian Fluency. If you are a beginners, in order to be able to speak and understand, you should take both. The price is $160 for each of them. Please, keep reading to know more about each course. Laura Leonora Corvino - 13 Years Italian Teacher in Atlanta Italian Native - Emory Continuing Education Italian Classes in Atlanta spanish

Italian 101 - Beginners

In order to learn a foreign language you need three things: Grammar structure, Vocabulary and Fluency (practice). In this course you receive the Italian structure that is necessary to learn how to build up sentences correctly.  You will learn the nouns, the articles, the prepositions, the possessives and the verbs. You will learn some vocabulary even if the most vocabulary youll learn in the fluency class. We strongly suggest that you download Duolinguo FREE application in your phone to help you with vocabulary. $160, total cost. 10 hours divided in 5 classes of 5 hours each. Plus textbook $14.

Italian Fluency Class

You take this class after you took the Italian 101, or if you know some Italian already and want to skip the grammar part. During this class we will be reading and translating together short Italian story and then learn how to discuss it by asking and answering questions. There will be some explanation regarding the different verb tenses.  $160, total cost. 10 hours divided in 5 classes of 5 hours each. Plus textbook $10. 

We take Credit Card Payment.

Laura Leonora corvino


Italian Teacher bio

Laura L. Corvino was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and grew up in Northern Italy in a little town called Bergamo. She studied  Italian literature at the State University in Milan. She wrote many historical novels in Italian, some of them available on Amazon.

Laura hold a Bachelor degree in Mathematics with a minor in Spanish from Georgia State University and she won many contests for her contribution in the field on Mathematics

She also hold a Master in Economics with specialization inInternational Marketing from Kennesaw State University.

Laura begun teaching Italian and Spanish in the greater Atlanta area in 2005 at Berlitz. Then she start teaching in 2006 at the Language Institute of Atlanta where she is still teaching classes. She collaborated with many language schools like AILI in Glenridge Connector and the Italiano Language Center in Buckhead. She is currently teaching classes at Emory Continuing Education. 

Laura is completing her Italian grammar textbook in addition to a book of short novels in Italian specifically for intermediate students of Italian. The same books in Spanish will be released within the summer 2019.

Laura has recently become a proud American citizen and she took back her maiden name; she was previously known as Laura Parrish.

the italian verbs - present tense

Enjoy this short lesson by our Italian teacher Laura L. Corvino.

To enroll in any 5 weeks Italian Class

Italian 101 TEXTBOOK



Author: Merlonghy

7th Edition (6th Edition acceptable too)


ISBN-13: 978-0618112203

ISBN-10: 0618112200

You can get your textbook the first day of class

Price is $14 - Cash or Credit Card.

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